Unreliability of GIF Animating HTML in

There is an unreliability (sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t with no changes), of the “gif animating” in Visualize Samples in Neural Network (L1_Sample, Cells 9 and 11) and Speeding Up (Lab 4, Fast Sampling, Cell 9 and 12).

Attached is example Video of Cells 22, 23 and 24 where it seems to unconnect to the Kernel in latter Cell 9 erroring out at gif animating frame 24 of 25, which reads as follows in Cell 9 of Speeding Up,

# visualize samples
samples, intermediate = sample_ddim(32, n=25)
animation_ddim = plot_sample(intermediate,32,4,save_dir, "ani_run", None, save=False)

Note how at the end of the video below it has a brown error message saying “Connecting to Kernel” and then reconnects to Kernel. Is this just a load balance issue/error we have to keep trying until it’s successful?
Google Drive Video

NOTE: I noticed that the “Neural Network” section loads all of its libraries in Cell 1 without error, whereas the “Speeding Up” section errors out see photos.

Neural Network

Speeding Up

Please advise. Thanks,
Robert Thompson

It appears when executing the statement,


That you need to open the notebook in a separate tab. To do this Shift+Click the paragraph ❡ character in the first cell. The 3 window format is somehow ‘off’ for the HTML insert to work.