W2_A2_Submission error in Jupyter Notebook

After opening the jupyter Notebook in the browser, I renamed it by adding _MyName to the end before .ipynb. A blue submit button was showing on the top of the page while I was working on it. I saved my work and I closed the webpage. Now that I want to reopen the notebook by clicking on the menu for Week 2 Assignment, then clicking on “Work in Browser” blue button, it shows an error message:

404 : Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!

I clicked on “Navigate” on top of the page. I modified the name/path of the existing jupyter notebook showing in front of the “Home” button by adding _MyName before .ipynb. It was able to find it. However, this notebook does not have any submit button!!

Could you please help me with my submission.

Thank you!

That is because you renamed the notebook. The “Work in Browser” link only opens the standard name of the notebook. Also note that clicking “Submit” in any copy of the notebook will also only grade the official copy (the same one opened by “Work in Browser”).

So generally speaking it is a mistake to just rename the notebook without first making a copy.

You can get back the original notebook by following the “Get a Clean Copy” procedure on the DLS FAQ Thread. Once you have the clean copy, open that and then rename it to a different name and rename your previous copy back to the standard name. From the clean copy, first do “File → Rename” and then do “File → Open” and find your previous version and then rename that.

Thank you! I found the submission button!