W3_Jupyter Notebook_Permission denied

When I start working on my assignment this permission denied pop-up shows up
Any solutions ? Thanks


Coursera has informed us that this issue has been resolved. Please get the latest copy of the notebook and let us know if it fixes it. Before doing that, maybe delete the old notebook first.


Additional things to try:

As posted by @jonathanpsculley: This issue is due to the incorrect folder permissions (write used to be enabled for all users). This temporary fix worked for me:

  1. Rename the lab folder to something else. “W3A1” → “W3A1_old” for me.
  2. Create a new folder with the original lab name (“W3A1”). This new folder will now be owned by the user “jovyan” which fixes the issue.
  3. Use “Help” → “Get latest version” as described in the original post. The lab folder should still be owned by “jovyan”.

As posted by @rmwkwok:
While the best would to be wait for updates from Coursera, but since it is getting close to the weekend, a temporary workaround is indeed going to be helpful. I added some images to illustrate the procedure based on @jonathanpsculley and @gustavdelius’s steps:

  1. Please check the first post of this thread for the latest recommended steps, and if it does not work for you, you might try the temporary workaround steps below. These learners reported that the workaround did not work for them: (before correcting errors in the steps) 1, 2, (after correcting the errors) 3
  2. Open the lab on coursera. IMPORTANT: If you have already opened it, and there are some unsaved works, please copy and paste just your solutions to a text editor on your computer, so that you can copy them back later.
  3. Click “File” > “Open”
  4. You will see a file tree browser that shows a path of either release/WxAy or WxAy

  1. remember the name that is in the format of WxAy (e.g. W1A2)
  2. Click the folder icon to go to the root of the file tree
  3. Depending on your assignment, it will either show the release folder or the WxAy folder. If you see neither of these two, please stop here and do not move on to further steps.
  • (6a) If it is the release folder. Select it, and click “Rename”, and give it a new name. Then create a new folder called release in the root directory, click into the newly created release folder, and create another new folder with a name in the format of WxAy but replace x and y with what you have remembered in step 4. Then move on to step 7.
  • (6b) If it is the WxAy folder. Select it, and click “Rename”, and give it a new name. Then, create a new folder with a name in the format of WxAy but replace x and y with what you have remembered in step 4. Then move on to step 7.
  1. Click “Help”

  1. Click “Get Latest Version”
  2. Click “Update Lab”
  3. A fresh copy of the lab and all of its support files should be downloaded
  4. Open the new notebook, and you may then copy your work from the old notebook (e.g. under “release_old”) back to the new notebook (e.g. under “release”)

As posted by @FurqanData:
I was unable to rename ‘W1A1’ folder but I can rename ‘release’ and my problem got solved. My assignments get saved, I can create checkpoints and submit my assignment.

These are the steps:

  1. Open same assignment lab in 2 tabs on your browser, now go to first tab and on your lab click on ‘Lab Files’

  1. then click on Download all files. close this tab and unzip the downloaded folder in your pc.

  1. now on second tab click ‘Files’ than ‘Open’ you will be taken to new page.
  2. here you will find something like ’ [File explorer symbol]/release/W1A2’ Click on [File explorer symbol] and you will be in root folder.

  1. here click ‘New’ than ‘Folder’ and an Untitled folder will be created.

  1. Now rename ‘release’ to ‘releaseold’ and Untitled Folder to ‘release’

  1. Now all you have to do is upload the content of releaseold folder to newly created release folder. open new ‘release’ folder in new tab and in current tab open releseold folder. in releaseold folder you will find another folder like W1A2. In new release folder creat another folder with similar name W1A2.

  1. OPEN W1A2 in both old and new folder. see the files in old folders you have already downloaded in your pc. in new W1A2 folder upload these files from your pc.

  1. Here you will get error on uploading ‘.hidden’ file remove the dot ‘.’ from the name and it will be uploaded. Now rename the ‘hidden’ file after uploading and add dot ‘.’ in the name and .hidden file will be hidden.

  1. your releaseold/W1A2 folder has two another folder ‘datasets’ and ‘images’ so create these folders in new release/W1A2 folder and uploads files from your pc.

Its done. just close all the tabs , go to coursera website and open your assignment again your assignment will get saved, add checkpoint, and submit.

Hi all,

This post is getting lengthy so I’m going to close it.

If you are still facing any issue even after trying to get the latest version please reply to this post with all the relevant information.