Week 1 Programing Assignment 1: no submit button

I checked several times with refreshing the page, but my notebook for the first programming assignment does not have a submit button.

So, I don’t know how to submit it.

Typically that means you’re either 1) using an obsolete programming exercise notebook file, or 2) you need to restart the kernel.

I tried both restarting the kernel and also refreshing my workspace and updating the lab, and still there is no submit button. Is there another thing I should try?

It never hurts to try logging out of Coursera altogether and then logging back in. Click your Avatar Icon in the far upper right corner and you’ll get a menu that includes ‘Log Out’.

There is also a topic about this on the FAQ Thread, but it sounds like you’ve been through everything. Still it’s worth a look on general principles. E.g. it tells you something more specific than just “restart your kernel”.

Please let us know if the logout trick doesn’t help and maybe we’ll need to call in a Higher Power here and see if the course staff has any “in case of emergency, break glass” options.

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