What about the non-technical professionals? Any opts?

As mentioned in the “AI 4 Everyone” course:
the building in house AI team and provide broad AI training, not just to the engineers but also to the managers, division leaders and executives and how they think about AI” … "align internal and external communications so that all your stakeholders from employees, customers and investors ";

Following these precepts, what would the path be for those who do not chose (or can) take up AI engineering skills?
Professionals who can contribute in other roles (project and product managers, etc)? … Provided they get a basic training on the “AI business ecosystem”, surely;

Any ideas, leads, suggestions?

They could be come knowledgeable on how to use AI products, ranging from chatgpt to new emerging models that could do many many things…

Even painting could one day be perfeclty well done with an AI assistant.

There is no need in any science to learn the fundamentals of the topic but its important learning how to use the technology, for eg. not many people know the internals of a car but most people use it.


Thanks for the encouragement, @gent.spah , it is not always cookies and cream for us tech-challenged folk haha :grin: