What course for AI I should learn next

I am studying AI in a University. I have just done the course AI for Everyone on Coursera. What course I should learn next to improve my AI skill ?

As a UX Designer, I’m currently finishing up the NLP course.



Just a suggestion, you can take the Machine Learning Specialization to learn the technicalities of traditional Machine Learning or if you want to learn more on the “Modern” stuff, you can take the Gen AI for Everyone.

All depend if you want to go deeper into the technicalities or you want to know a high level on other AI area. But Machine Learning Specialization is a defacto course ultimately for one starting out . Good luck.

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I also recommend the Machine Learning Specialization, followed by the Deep Learning Specialization.

The Generative AI methods directly follow from the fundamentals in the Deep Learning Specialization.

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Hi, can you recommend any courses?

Hi, if you’re at uni and already know your way around basic prediction models (linear regression, logistic regression), the Deep Learning specialisation is the way to go. It WILL teach you the next steps. Good learning !

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The two specializations I mentioned are both DLAI courses available through Coursera.

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