What do companies want to do with their employees about the AI skills gap? Replace or retrain?

I was reading this very interesting report from Deloitte about “Talent and Workforce effects in the age of AI”. Out of the whole document, the following graph was very shocking for me

Although some of the biggest economies are missing (most notably India and Japan), it seems most employers prefer to replace the workforce by AI-skilled employees, as opposed to retrain.

What a motivation to finish (or re-do) the Deep Learning Specialization! :laughing:

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This is an unfortunate pattern we have seen over the years.
Long ago, companies regarded continued training of their staff as usual and normal. Today many of them seem to want new staff, and new staff with exactly the skills for the next project.
It does give people a motive to take responsibility for their own development.

As an example from long ago, my first company suddenly stopped all work on the computer platform we were using. Nobody was laid off: everyone was retrained in the platforms whose use was continuing. A chaotic few days and weeks while this was planned and arranged, but it worked well.


IBM calls their periodic pruning of long time employees ‘rebalancing’. They claim it is about acquiring skills, but upper management don’t seem unhappy that the new hires are more willing to relocate and also happen to have lower salaries and health care costs.

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