What happens with you finish courses 1-3 before course 4 is out?

I’ve been watching the lectures from courses 1-3 in audit mode, but so far I’ve been reluctant to actually subscribe to the full specialization before course 4 is out (especially now that its release has been postponed to September). If I finish all the activities in the courses that are already available, will I have to continue paying for the subscription until I can complete course 4? Has anyone finished course 3 and have a recommendation on whether to subscribe to the specialization now or wait until all courses are available?


Hi Fabio! Welcome to Discourse and thanks for reaching out!

If you have completed Courses 1, 2, and 3, you may pause your Coursera subscription and restart once Course 4 is out. For more information about managing your subscription, check out this article. Please follow us on social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to make sure you’re up to date about course launches and upcoming events.

Hope this helps!

Hi Chris! That’s great, thanks for the info!