C1W1 Problem with Auto-grader after submission

Hi everyone, my code passed all the tests in the assignment, but when I submitted the code to the auto-grader, it showed that “submission is being graded”. After a while, I refreshed the page, the message disappeared as if I haven’t submitted. I took the deep learning specialization, and the auto-grader gave me result within minutes. Is this a bug ?

Immediately after submission

After a few minutes

Hi @terikihuan

Please contact Coursera leaner help for support. There are other learners reporting submission issue.

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Hi, @Kic

I’ve contacted support, they say that this is a technical problem on Coursera side and are working on it.

Hi @terikihuan,

Please submit this assignment once again and confirm. This issue is resolved and learners are able to submit assignments.

Happy Learning,

Hi @sharob.sinha ,

I have submitted the assignment and received the score. Thank you for noticing me!