C2W3_Assignment Grading (MLOPS ) Data Pipeline components for Production ML

This is regarding the assignment 1. Data Pipeline Components for Production ML


Though I don’t

if you have solved all the exercises! Are you sure your assignment is using the default notebook name, if not you should reset it to the default!

I have tried resetting but no help !! Is there a process to get a fresh copy of the assignment files without my updates .
C2W3_Assignment.ipynb fresh copy with fresh ### START CODE HERE ### in it .
Unable to get that even after multiple refreshing .

Yes, this link will help you reset it:


Please don’t add / remove cells.

These imports have to go in a cell that has the comment # grader-required-cell

import tensorflow as tf
from tfx import v1 as tfx

# TFX components
from tfx.components import CsvExampleGen
from tfx.components import ExampleValidator
from tfx.components import SchemaGen
from tfx.components import StatisticsGen
from tfx.components import Transform
from tfx.components import ImporterNode

This cannot be added # grader-required-cell , Cannot add any line in # grader-required-cell

Not all cells that have #grader-required-cell are editable.
Code you type for scoring the submission also have the same comment on top of the cell but are editable. You can import statements there.

Since no mentor knows exactly how a grader tests your code (and that’s a good thing), try using these additional imports or rely on the import statements provided in the starter code.