C3W1 Classify Images of Clouds - Running predictions do not work

I wish I searched for this thread earlier, other than the checkpoints couldn’t be updated, my model training status is stuck in “Pending” and the timer expired.

Thanks for the updates though. I’d move on first.

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got the same problem. AutoML is enabled by default and can’t pass the first check out part.

Hello, I am still not able to pass the requirements. I am only able to validate Task 2.

I have this red mark:


After having redone the lab, I also have the same issue than @ning17 now, my model training never ends. But this is not graded.

Hi Amaury! Do you mean you’re only able to pass the Create a Storage Bucket checkpoint? With that, you should get around 25/100. Can you check what grade is shown on your Grades panel? If the grade is 25 but the status is still failed, please let me know. If it shows less than 25, please try this on your next attempt: try pressing the End Lab button after Task 2 and see what grade is reflected this time.

re: model training. That is strange. So far I haven’t been able to replicate that issue. The training completes after around 30 minutes. Can you retry refreshing after that time has elapsed? Just make sure that your account is not accidentally switched to your personal Gmail when you do so. You can check the upper right icon if it is still showing the username Qwiklabs assigned at the start of the lab.

Hope these help. Thanks!

@chris.favila @balaji.ambresh C3 W1 Graded Assignment isn’t working

@chris.favila I have the same issues with all checkpoints (except one) failing and the never ending training. I only score 25 points as well.

Hi Illia! Welcome to the community! We are still waiting for a resolution from our partners. In the meantime, does your Grades panel show that the lab is now passed? For now, 25 points should meet the threshold. If not, please let us know what grade is given. You can upload a screenshot of the panel if you want. Thanks!

It does show that it is passed. But 25/100 would negatively affect the overall grade at the end of the course and will be visible in the credentials page.

Thanks for the update Illia. Glad to know it’s passed. Will update this thread once we get confirmation that the graders have been fixed so you can retry the lab. By the way, I don’t think the grade is visible on your certificate. If you open the shareable link in Incognito mode, it will just show your accomplishments and not the grade.

Hi everyone! The graders have now been fixed by Qwiklabs! You can retry again to get a score of 100 if you want. The training still takes a while to complete but there is no checkpoint after that so it won’t affect your grade. Hope it also works on your end!

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