C3W1 Classify Images of Clouds - Running predictions do not work


I am fully disappointed. My prediction sounds like OK (please refer to the attached screen copy) but when clicking on ‘check my progress’, the result is ever wrong. So I cannot validate that last step and I am stuck on 75 points instead. I suspect it is a bug. Thanxs for your support & take care

Jean-Christophe Danchin

Please chat with qwiklabs help.

I too faced the same issue in the final progress check. I have raised the concern with qwiklabs chat support and here’s in ticket ID 2519500 for the same.
Hope it gets resolved soon and the points are updated to 100.

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Hi! Thank you for reporting. Will try this on Monday and will escalate in case it is indeed buggy. Thanks!

I also am having the same problem

Hi everyone! We are now checking this issue. Will update this thread soon. Thanks!

Hello again. The bug has been escalated to our partners so their team can fix it. Just to note, you will still get a passing grade even if the last checkpoint fails so it won’t block you from completing the course. But you are free to retry if you want once it is ready. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

This lab is full of bugs.

The check of " Enable the AutoML API" does not work for me, even if there is nothing to do for this task, it is already enabled.

The check " Create a Dataset" does not work either, even if I did everything right, I can see the dataset, I can train the model on it, and I can make predictions.

So I can’t get the passing grade just because the lab is buggy.


same there, I have reported to lab chat support but they just told me to wait.

@amaurygl When the lab asks you to enable and API via the services and api module, it always means enable if not enabled for you. There’s nothing wrong with that.

As far as your 2nd problem with creating a dataset is concerned, please chat with qwiklabs customer support while doing the lab so that they can debug the lab with you and fix the issue if possible.

It is enabled by default when the project is created, but check of " Enable the AutoML API" fails. And I cannot disable and enable again because don’t have the permission.

@balaji.ambresh It is enabled by default when the project is created, but check of " Enable the AutoML API" fails. And I cannot disable and enable again because don’t have the permission.

Do you need to worry about disabling the api? If you just want to experience disabling and then enabling api, talk to qwiklabs help please.

@balaji.ambresh yeah I did. They advised me to do so but I couldn’t. It is NOT about disabling api. It is about the bugs in lab and @amaurygl and I are experiencing the same issue, I think others too.

And is it just right telling people ask someone else? We stduy in coursera with deeplearning.ai not with qwiklabs. If deeplearning.ai is cooperating with qwiklabs and it is issue from qwiklabs, it is your responsibility to talk to qwiklabs, not us.

I’ve now notified the staff to chat with qwiklabs.

i also get the same issue here, have you get the passing grade @amaurygl ?

same here, I completed the lab but I can’t tick these 2 checkboxes

Hi everyone! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will be reporting this to our partners. Will update this thread asap. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For a bit of context, the issue was originally just the last checkpoint and Qwiklabs told me a few days ago that it has been fixed. Apparently, that is not the case and there are now some more bugs. Will alert our partners directly so they can expedite the fix!

Hello again! We’ve reported the issue to Qwiklabs and our partners. We temporarily adjusted the passing threshold so you can still pass the requirement while the checkpoints are being fixed. Will keep you posted on the developments. Thanks!