C3w4 - graded lab - how to download copy of notebook

For the graded lab (Identifying Bias in Mortgage Data using Cloud AI Platform and the What-if Tool), I was not able to find a way to download the jupyterlab notebook.

Anyone know if it is possible? If so, please can you explain how.

Hi @shahin

normally, In JupyterLab, it works this way:

  • highlight the Notebook
  • choose the File Menu (top left)
  • from the menu: download

doesn’t it work this way for you?

Let me know.

No, this lab is different from the others, it is within the Qwiklabs/GCP context. I cannot see any download option.

ok I’ll check with others

@luigisaetta any luck ?

This is the answer I have received:
"Usually, the notebooks in the Qwiklabs assignments are publicly available. You can clone the repo mentioned in the instructions and look for the notebook in your machine. For instance, the repo for the Week 4 lab can be cloned from here: GitHub - GoogleCloudPlatform/training-data-analyst: Labs and demos for courses for GCP Training (http://cloud.google.com/training). . "

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