C3W4 cannot create new jupyter notebook instance

After I select TensorFlow Enterprise and choose the version of TensorFlow Enterprise 2.3 (with LTS) > Without GPUs . I see this warning “There are no available networks. Make sure there is at least a network within this region.”

Hi @ril5077
To chich Lab of the week4 do you refer?

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course 3 week 4: Identifying Bias in Mortgage Data using Cloud AI Platform and the What-if Tool.
I just talked to a coursera custom support and they said this is not a coursera platform and account issue. It should be a GCP issue.

Hello @ril5077, hope you are doing well.

I had the same problem. I closed the console, opened it again and it worked for me.


Hi everyone! I have submitted this to Qwiklabs support and they said this will be for investigation. Will update this thread as soon as I get an update. In the meantime, you can proceed first to the next part of the course. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!


I too have the same problems. Actually all the labs are problematic on way or another

Hi @chris.favila , because of this qwilabs issue, i had to start labs many times to test but now it says my quota exceeds the limit. Could you please reset it for me?

Hi, Chris, I also worried about having the same problem with @ril5077

Hi! Our team cannot reset your quota from our end. Instead, you can request for an extension using the Qwiklabs support channels on the upper right corner of the instructions page. I find that the chat option there is usually very responsive. However, I advise that you attempt the lab only after the fix has been confirmed. Otherwise, your lab quota might be exceeded again and I’m not sure if they will grant it again. I’ll ask for an update re: their investigation on Monday. Thank you.

Logging out of the console after creating the notebook and logging back in revealed the “Open Jupyterlab” link.

Thanks for the tip @AmmarMohanna

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It is great that it helps @will282

Hi all! I revisited the lab and it seems the issue has now been fixed by the Qwiklabs team. I didn’t encounter the error about not having any available networks anymore.

Hi,chris! It works. Thank you very much!

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