C3W5 - Lab is currently Unavailable

Hello Community,

I am having a problem with C3W5 assignment

I am done with the whole specialization except this graded assignment “Machine Learning with TensorFlow in Vertex AI”
I spoke with Google Customer Support and they said that this lab is under maintenance and they dont have an ETA for when it will be available.

Any solutions, I was hoping that I would be done by this specialization by tomorrow at the latest?
Here is a screenshot of what shows up


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I got the same problem! Please guys, I need a solution for finish this course. Tks.

Hi Team, I am on the same page. I have to finish this assignment.

Thank you


Hi everyone! Thank you for reporting this. We’re coordinating with our partners to bring the lab back up as soon as possible. Please keep monitoring this topic for updates. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

–temporarily marking this as the solution for visibility–

Hi there,
I have the same situation but I will like to know when the lab is back up as this is my last assignment to complete the deep learning specialization.

Hi everyone! The lab is now back online. You can now relaunch it from the classroom. Thanks!