Coursers material after subscription

I do prefer to keep my assignments and the course material online under your resources. I have a concern, after I finished this course and end to my subscription. Do I still have access to everything? Or should I download what I need to my local computer?
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There is a topic specifically about that on the DLS FAQ Thread. The short answer is you will have access to everything except your assignments. So if you want to see those later, you have no choice but to download them. Instructions are also on the FAQ Thread.

Thanks for your response! I just notice this and I am in the middle of course 5! I attempted to download my previous programming exercises and I receive the attached message for course 2 exercises, and when I click on continue all of my answers is gone! (so worried!)
Would you please help in accessing to my answers before my subscription ends?

Did you actually read the information in the PopUp message? It tells you where your work is saved. There is also a topic about that on the FAQ Thread. Please have a look and it should resolve your issues.

Also, How about quiz? We will lost the ones that have our answers and grades?

I think your scores for the quizzes are saved, but I don’t know about your answers. You can try bringing up one of the quizzes and see what is there. Note that there is no way to “download” the quizzes. The best I can think of is it take screenshots of the questions and your answers.

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