Programming environment

I need assistance to use the programming environment to do the exercises. Unable to download Notebook, Workspace or use Course Labs. I am auditing the DLS Course 4: Convolutional Neural Networks course.

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Hi @arunkumar_55,

Auditing the course will not allow to have access to the graded items, such as the assignments and quizzes.

And asking others to share those with you is not just against the honour code of this community, but that of Courser’s as well. Please refrain from such requests.

In order to get access, you have to pay for the subscription or the course.


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Thanks for the clarification, Mubsi. I think the disclaimer on “asking others to share” was a standard, not particular to me since it was never my intention.

My concern arose because I had access to Week 1 Quiz of Convolutional Networks course. As I was answering the questions I timed out. Since then, the quiz loads with all the answers grayed out, with a button asking me to upgrade. Since the quiz was available to me for the 1st time, I suspected some other issue was stopping me to complete / retake the quiz. Please clarify why at all the quiz was accessible to me.



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It sounds like you were within the 7 day free trial that Coursera gives you the first time you sign up for a course, but that time limit must have expired before you finished the quiz. So now, as Mubsi says, you will need to pay for the course in order to see any of the quizzes or assignments. They also offer Financial Aid, if it is a financial problem for you to pay for the course(s).

Thanks, that explains why I had access to Week 1 Quiz, which ended after I timed out.