Fix scroll and shortcuts on Jupyter on Visual Studio

Hi, I have been using Jupyter on Visual Studio Code for some Python exercises but I´m getting stuck because I haven´t been able to fix this:

  1. when I execute my code and I get for example a lot of chat blocks from talking to the IA, the fields keep going down to the point I´m unable to see the next answers, but also I can see or find any button to scroll this part of the screen on Jupyter to keep seeing the content (image attached)
  2. when I´m chatting to the IA in Jupyter there are some keyboard keys that don’t work (“z”, “a”) because these are in command mode with Jupyter (“a”: insert cell above, “z”: undo cell deletion, etc), I have tried “ESC” to get out of command mode but doesn´t work.

Any help will be appreciated, please!!

So, if anyone is experiencing the same, i resolve this problem executing in terminal “jupyter lab” (maybe everybody here knows but I´m this noob lol), so it opens a web page with the localhost and you can work from there opening your files, there you have a scroll and can write on the fields with no issues slight_smile: