How to make portfolio of ai apps and services projects?

any tips on how to start making a portfolio

Hi @Mohamed_Babikir

You can try to apply for a data science competitions. It is a good start point.

Kaggle and Datacamp have good competitions available with or without prizes involved

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as a person who has zero knowledge on programming, where would you start first and can you join the competitions with beginner level of programming

thanks for the reply mate

It would be nice to have a basic knowledge of programing, mainly python.

A basic knowledge in python it is enough to start, but it is very important to understand how debug exceptions errors that you might be facing in your data science project.

Don’t worry there is a lot of levels of competitors. You can start with the low complex ones like exploratory data analysis and so on.

Datacamp has some guided projects. This is a good way to start.

FreeCodeCamp it is a great platform to start learning programing and data science projects as well

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thank you mate

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You welcome

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