Hyperparameter Tuning and Model Training with TFX


I completed the ungraded lab “Hyperparameter Tuning and Model Training with TFX” but it doesn’t show completed on the course list.

Please could you check?

Kind regards,
Mahendra Rathod

Hi Mahendra! This is a current limitation of the Coursera UI. Your progress is not tracked for that lab because it is hosted in Colab. We’ll request if a Mark as Completed button can be implemented. In the meantime, you can just select the next lesson in the list when you click one of the links to each Week in the side bar. The “incomplete” ungraded labs will not affect your course completion. But if you really want the green checkmark to appear beside the ungraded labs, a workaround is to simply click the blue button in the instructions page:

When you do that and refresh the original page, you will now see the green checkmark whether or not you completed the Colab. Hope this works for you!