Is this course relevant after the release of ChatGPT?

maybe some things are out dated now that we have it?

Of course, it is beginners guide into AI, its not related to CHATGPT.


Hi, what course should I take after AI for everyone? My maths skill is kinda fine so I dont know if I enhance my maths skill before learning AI?
Thank you!

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The machine learning specalization is a good next step I think.


I took it long ago, but I think it still holds relevant. If you spot anything that is no longer true, or what does not matter, feel free to post it here.

One thing that might be not there, is the absence of ChatGPT reference, and I guess many people are interested to see how it fits in the big picture.

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I believe that large language models were in an experimental phase at the time the course was conducted. Some tasks that the course identified as impossible or very challenging for AI caused me some uncertainty. Despite this, there is a course titled ‚ÄėGenerative AI with Large Language Models‚Äô, taught by the same professor. To enroll in it, you should have a clear understanding of a course like this one, possess Python programming skills, and have a basic grasp of TensorFlow.


I just started the course and feel the same many are not relevant. Example on below what do you think? I am sure generative ai can generate such text (Cannot do in the presentation) Or am i missing something

Hi @shassanchi, Thanks for using Discourse. You are right; if the LLM has been given the context, then it can generate a reasonably empathetic message that could address the person’s pain point. Language models like ChatGPT have been trained on vast amounts of text data, enabling them to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses. In the case of the query you mentioned about returning a toy that arrived late for a niece’s birthday, if the LLM is given all of the relevant information, such as the customer’s name, order information, and the retailer’s return policy, it can generate a response that acknowledges the situation and provides guidance on returning the toy.

I hope this answers your query.