Lack of access to the Google cloud platform

Hi! The Google cloud platform is not available in my country. So, how can I do my assignments on Coursera?

Which country are you in?


Staff and other mentors have been notified about your situation. While you wait, I recommend contacting coursera help.

Hi Homa! Thank you for reporting. I’ll ask our partners about this. Will update you asap.

By the way, can you post here what you see when you try to access the Qwiklabs from Coursera? Does it even let you log in with the student credentials? Where do you see the message restricting you from accessing GCP? Thanks!

Hi Homa. Are there legal VPNs in your country? If so, you might be able to use one to do the labs. If not, please contact Coursera and let them know that you’re not able to do the assignments because of the restriction. You might be able to get a refund. Hope this helps.