Link to Verify from Specialization Certificate not working


F​irst and most important - thank you everyone who created this Specialization! I really enjoyed learning about the topics, which will for sure upgrade my knowledge and understanding :slight_smile:

I​ have a small issue though - the link on my Specialization Certificate in the section “Verify this certificate at” is not working, and reports a “Server Not Found” error, like the link is not correct.

C​an someone please check what is the problem, and instruct me on how to proceed? I published the certification on my LinkedIn profile.

T​hank you.



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Hi Snezana! Welcome to the community! This seems to be a problem that Coursera can look into. Please reach their Help Center here so an agent can take a look at your account and see what might be wrong. If they are not able to resolve it, feel free to reply here so we can help escalate. Thanks!

Hello dear Chris,

Thanks for replying! I actually did that last week, twice :). First time when the issue appeared, and the second when I found the reason.

The issue is that in the “link to verify”, there is “https://” sequence written twice, therefore producing the incorrect link. This appears to be just a tiny bug in the code generating the certificate (or I may be wrong).

I wrote them and provided my certificate as proof, with the issue marked, but they didn’t respond so far.


Oh I see. Sorry to hear that. Do you mind sharing the public link to the certificate so I can send it to our Coursera partners and they can replicate the issue? Unfortunately, the link in the specialization certificate I have (for a different specialization) redirects to the correct page. Thanks!

Hi Chris,

Sure, thank you :slight_smile:

This is the incorrect link provided within the certificate:

This one is correct, I just removed one “https://” (I hope this is the one you refer to): Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera

Thank you very much!

In small addition, if you scroll down in the description of “Grade Achieved” for each course within the Specialization, the percentages are written way above the upper 100% limit :slight_smile:

Hi! The broken link is now reported to our partners. Hope that can be fixed soon. I can’t seem to find the “Grade Achieved” section though. I’m not sure if that is public. I am opening the link in Incognito mode and all I see is the certificate. As far as I know, the grades are not part of the certificate. If you can see it even in Incognito, please send the public link here along with a screenshot. Thanks!

Hi dear Chris,

Thank you very much for reporting this, deeply appreciate it :slight_smile: You’re right about the “grades achieved”, I don’t see it either in incognito.

Hi dear Chris!

I haven’t got any reply from the Coursera team. It has been around 14 days since the problem was initially reported. It starts to seem unprofessional, especially because this is a fully paid specialization.

Do you know when can I expect my certificate to be fixed?


Hi Snezana! Sorry for the delay here! I didn’t get a notification on my dashboard. Just saw the update when this topic popped up in the suggested topics at the bottom of another thread. Last time I checked, our Coursera partner said she escalated this with urgency. Have you tried downloading the PDF again? In any case, will follow up again now.

Apologies again. If you’re going to reply, please try using the icon on the lower right of this box instead of the big Reply button at the bottom (outside this box). I have a feeling that button only sends notifs to the owner of the topic.

Oh wait. I just downloaded your PDF from the link you shared and it looks ok now! Hope you were able to see the fix way before these messages.

Hi Chris, sorry for replying just now. I haven’t been checking it, thank you and the team very much for the effort!

All best,

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