PyCharm for certification, datasets necessary

For the TensorFlow Certificate, we need to be able to do these exercises in pyCharm. The jupyter notebooks and google collaboratory are cool environments, but I need to be able to these exercises within pyCharm both (1) to get used to the pyCharm environment, and (2) to ensure that my python setup works with all the installed packages required.

For this, we need access to the datasets, and I don’t know how to get the horses-humans dataset.

Hi Eugene,

For the TensorFlow certification you need to follow this guide . Section “Exam environment” fully explain how to setup your environment, including a full list of libraries.

Where can you get datasets? It depends on the exercise. For your case, I was checking internet and got this site. From there I could download the dataset using wget:

wget --no-check-certificate \ \
    -O ./course2/week3/datasets/images/horses_or_humans/

Hope it helps