Recommendation for prerequisite to this course

Can some one suggest good courses for prerequisite mentioned in the course.
Python is not an issue for other

“First, the course assumes that you know the basics of deep learning. For example, you should know the basics of supervised learning, convolutional neural networks, and loss functions”

The MLS soecialization will equip you with the basics on supervised learning, convolutional nn, and loss functions.

I did this AI4M specialization and I would say that having some Python programming experience is necessary. If someone starts this specialization with zero programming experience, may have a hard time with the labs.

Hi @Devendra_Walanj,

I agree with @Juan_Olano that it is better to take the machine learning specialization before going into AI for Medicine. I would add that it may also be a good idea to take the Deep Learning Specialization as well. This will really equip you will all the necessary knowledge to attack any course you want after that. The AI for medicine course is really focused on the medical field and its applications, and it assumes that you know the programming part already.