Submit button is not shown

I can not submit my assesment because the button is not there.

Please read this.

Any of the solutions he mention work for me.

You mean any of the solutions mentioned in the FAQs didn’t work for you, right? Try opening this assignment in the Incognito (private) window or any other browser. Or any other PC/Laptop. If this works, then you just need to clear your current browser cache.

It does not work. I have the same problem with the regularization notebook. I have not finish that yet, but I am facing the same issue. The button is not there.

OK! How many browsers have you tried? Name it please (Chrome, Edge, etc.). Have you cleared your browser’s cache?

Edge and Firefox. I will install chrome and give a try. Let you know how it was.

Chrome works!. Thanks for your help

I am glad it works :blush: :grinning: :smiley: