URGENT Lab 2 problem: kernel crashes whenever I attempt training

Hello, my kernel keeps crashing whenever I attempt to start training. As a result, I am unable to complete the lab. I have a screenshot but it doesn’t allow me to upload it here. I am very worried because I understand I will lose lab access once my subscription ends. Please advise?

Hi Maria. Please see item 11 of this FAQ. Hope it helps!

Hi Maria. Please send a screenshot of the instance type you’re using like in item 10 of the FAQ. Also, please send me your AWS Account ID. It’s on the upper right of the AWS Console when you launch the lab from the Vocareum lab page. We will resolve this asap. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello, it doesn’t allow me to select the correct instance type. I don’t seem to have the required permissions attached to my AWS account. Please see attached a screenshot. My AWS Account ID is: voclabs/user2922325=Maria_Pavlova

Hi Maria. From the error message, it looks like you are selecting ml.t3.2xlarge . The lab instruction states you should select ml.m5.2xlarge.

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