Week 2 lab: Account is Still in Cleanup on AWS Vocareum lab

Hi team,

I’m unable to complete the Vocareum lab for my graded assignment on Coursera(See the attached screenshot). I request you to allow me to complete my graded assignment.

Thank you.

There is a form you need to fill-out to get your account fixed.

You can find it by using the forum Search tool for the word “cleanup”.

Thank you @TMosh! I found the form and filled it.


Hey team, I just filled this form could you please confirm if my account is unlocked?


Hello @TMosh, is there any specific staff account that I can tag in the post to reach out to get it resolved?


It usually takes 24 hours for your account to be unlocked, sometimes longer.

Staff is automatically notified when the form is completed.

I’m locked out to–this kinda stinks! It also says “account is still in cleanup”. Please @mentors, would you help?

The mentors can’t do anything about this ourselves (since we’re only community volunteers), other than ask if you filled out the form?