A request to restore Coursera's strategy to the previous state

Lately, I have observed that Coursera no longer responds to my financial aid request for a 100% discount, and the highest discount available is now 75%.

I searched on Coursera’s main website to contact support directly, but it seems that support is now exclusively provided through a chatbot. This is why I’ve decided to bring up the issue here, in the hopes that someone may be able to offer guidance.

The Iranian banking sector is indeed facing severe financial sanctions, preventing Iranian individuals from legally obtaining Visa cards, Mastercards, or using PayPal for currency transactions. Moreover, due to the devaluation of Iran’s national currency, it has become nearly impossible for Iranian students and citizens to afford courses priced in U.S. dollars. Iranian students are currently enduring a challenging economic and psychological period.

If you don’t give a 100% discount to Iranians, we will no longer be able to provide the courses. Because even if the price of the courses is 1 dollar, it is not possible to transfer currency for us.

We have no other way to save ourselves and get accepted for work or study from abroad except to increase our skills and get degrees from these courses. Please support us and do not block this way for us.

I am sorry to hear this but please contact Coursera. DeepLearning.Ai has nothing to do with this process.

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It appears Coursera support also has an email form you can use:

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One of the learner who had similar issue when raised this concern with Coursera. They responded with this message

We are temporarily running an experiment where learners in certain geographies will be approved for a percentage discount off a course (stand-alone or within a Specialization / Professional Certificate) when they go through the Financial Aid process instead of 100% off. This experiment will help us make financial aid and payment systems on Coursera more accessible for learners globally moving forward.

So I guess they have updated their guidelines :woman_facepalming:

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