How & What AI modules are needed in Master Data Management for a senior management Consultant

This is to the community to suggest what kind of AI modules can I learn or explore to help in my MDM consulting knowledge to support companies or banks to adopt AI for a cleaner, faster implementation of MDM projects. I would be happy to hear from the community on suggestions what AI tool or modules I need to equip with so that I combine my contemporary consulting with AI techniques as value added to traditional banks or any other organisation. Having said that I would say the MDM affects across all business domains so the above will be great input from the community to guide me thank you in advance.

@SATHISH3 Welcome to the community. I am not too sure on the background you have. I would believe AI for Everyone and Generative AI for everyone at is good as one can get an overall view on how AI contribute to the industry. This is my humble opinion only. Like what Prof Andrew Ng always mentioned, There no industry that AI will not have an application on. :blush: