Just starting Exploring into AI, Any tips?

So I just started taking Supervised Machine Learning Course!
Any suggestions you want to give for new learners like me?
I would also love to hear about your experience and know about how the course has helped you on your career to reach to the position where you are right now!

Bibek Dhakal
Country of Himalayas-Nepal

Hello @Bibek_Dhakal! I hope you are doing well. Say my Namaste to the beautiful Himalaya :blush: :blush:

It’s great to hear that you are taking MLS. This post has great suggestions to read. Regarding your second query, how the course help in a career, there is no one answer. For me, it help me to gain the basics knowledge but was not enough to get a job. Then based on that learning, I did some advanced courses which helped to get a job.

Just for analogy, people get jobs based on a university degree, not on a high school degree, right? But without high school, one cannot get into the university. Same for this course which will give you the base to understand the high level.


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Hi @Bibek_Dhakal
and welcome to the community.

In addition to the helpful thread on how to be come an AI professional which @saifkhanengr linked; This thread could be interesting for you, too - to get some more ideas and inspiration:

I am also convinced that the key is to get into an execution mode with the right use case that you are passionate about, see also:

Happy learning!

Best regards