Troubleshooting: Problem with Lab Access and Start Time

Hi everyone!

For clarity: If you get a “lab budget exceeded”, “account is still in cleanup”, or “account deactivated” message, please refer to item 8 of this FAQ. I recommend bookmarking and reading the rest of the other items there (particularly item 10) for other common lab issues.

However, if you’re seeing a “Create a Sagemaker domain” button instead of “Open Studio”, we currently do not have a fix for that yet. We have escalated this to our partners and we’re waiting for a resolution. Please do not use the form for that. We will post updates here as they come. Thanks and sorry if it’s taking a while. We’ve emphasized the urgency of the situation but it looks like the fix is not straightforward. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

temporarily marking this as the solution for visibility